Vincent Vallières

Monday, September 3
6:00 PM

Two buddies, frequently celebrated for their talents as writer-composers, will have the pleasure of wrapping up this 31st edition with a bang: Vincent Vallières and Patrice Michaud. Two names that evoke folk guitars, catchy lyrics and tunes, fresh air and bonfires. Both artists at the top of their game. Vincent Vallières, whose song À hauteur d’homme has topped the BDS charts, has planned a night of intimate, engaging and festive numbers, with some clear touches of rock. The male performer of the year, Patrice Michaud, accompanied by his Magestiques, will deliver a succession of his many hits, including the 2017 song of the year, Kamikaze, along with Cahier Canada, the moving Saison des pluies and the tremendously catchy Mécaniques générales! And of course, it would be unforgivable if they didn’t close the Festival by teaming up for a few notes!