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37th edition

From August 29th to September 2nd 2024

The FMG organizes a large-scale event featuring rich and diversified musical programming, predominantly from Quebec, supported by the distinctive character of the hot air balloon and by innovative, immersive and entertaining experiences that attract new audiences and build loyalty among a multigenerational clientele. Consciously committed to responsible and sustainable principles and practices, the Festival’s ambition is to showcase the City of Gatineau in such a way as to generate significant economic, social, cultural and tourism benefits.

The strength of the FMG team lies in its experienced team, which is led by the collaboration of all sectors to maintain the synergy and professional complicity which are a considerable asset for the performance and development of the organization. We unanimously seek excellence, customer satisfaction and solutions to improve our product. We are people with heart and we give the best of ourselves: we want excellence for our event and our festival-goers, whatever form it takes!

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