Strolling characters

35th edition

From September 1st to 5th 2022

Some very special people!

When you take a stroll through the Festival site, you may meet some very special people wandering around!

Napoleon will transport you into his world with his unusual way of speaking in onomatopoeia. Will you be able to understand what he is saying? With a special trombone adorned with a kazoo, he will perform a variety of tunes that you are sure to recognize!

Come and sing with Tourne-SOL! With her a-DO-rable accordion, colourful attire, and looooong legs, this little RÉ of sunshine will make you sing and dance by performing songs known and loved by all.

The time traveler has lost parts of his time machine! To find them, he performs magic tricks from his mysterious time realm. Who knows, maybe you can help him in his search for lost parts?

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