Super FMG

Super FMG in Gatineau

SUPER FMG is a mascot, an inflatable, a mini hot air balloon, a very large hot air balloon and, most of all, the icon of the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival!


This unusual superhero is unique from several points of view. For one thing, it is the first project in the history of hot air balloons to have been made by two companies known by everyone in the world of hot air balloons: Marcos Bonimcontro of RVB Balloons (Sao Paolo, Brazil) designed it, and Cameron Balloons (Bristol, England) built it.

Chronology of the creation of a Superhero

It takes time to create a special shape hot air balloon. The following are some of the highlights in the case of SUPER FMG :

January 7 Invitations to tender sent to four world-renowned hot air balloon manufacturers
February 1 Receipt of the call for tenders
February 3 Announcement of the successful bid
February 21 Submission of the final mock-ups from six different angles
February 25 Agreement confirmed with Brazil’s RVB and Great Britain’s Cameron. RVB designed and drew the engineering plans for the balloon, and Cameron built it according to its certification standards
March 1 RVB starts the technical and engineering drawings
March 8 to 11 Meetings with RVB, Cameron and the Festival at Cameron’s offices in Great Britain to finalize the agreements, purchases and technical discussions related to March 22 - Completion of the technical and engineering drawings by RVB
April 21 Start of construction of SUPER FMG by Cameron
April 30 Confirmation of the craft`s serial number
May 26 Completion of the construction of SUPER FMG
June 1 First test inflation in Bristol, Great Britain
June 3 Start of the adjustments based on the test
June 21 Second and last inflation test and first flight of SUPER FMG in Bristol, Great Britain
June 24 Completion of the final adjustments
July 8 Departure from Bristol, Great Britain
July 9 Arrival in Montréal, Canada
July 15 Arrival in Gatineau, Canada
July 17 Technical inflation in Canada
July 22 First official inflation of SUPER FMG in Parc de la Baie, Gatineau
September 3 to 6 First appearance of SUPER FMG at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

An impressive special Shape

Volume : 122 300 cubic foot
Length : 19,6 m
Height : 20,7 m
Weight : 217 kg

Altogether, 2,675 m of cloth and 26.75 km of thread were used to make its 1,264 panels.

SUPER FMG fly-bys

Check this page from time to time to find out when the SUPER FMG will be flying by!

Pictures of Super FMG