Musical matinees

35th edition

From September 1st to 5th 2022

It is a little after 6 am; the aroma of coffee and the sound of children’s laughter fill the air. Quietly, huge multi-coloured balloons blow up in front of your eyes, and suddenly the sweet music of renowned artists fills your ears, as you are warmed by the rays of the rising sun.

Welcome to the FMG’s Musical matinees!

Experience the Musical matinees

“The Musical matinees were really my favourite part of the 2021 edition. You had to be there to understand the beauty of the moment. The children, and even some parents, in pyjamas, the softness of the music, the hot-air balloons that swell in sync with the rising sun… it’s quite simply a magnificent setting. We invite families and friends to join us for a pyjama party with two wonderful artists.”

Sandra Cloutier, Executive Director of the FMG

Get a front row seat with the Front-stage access.

A chair and blanket will be provided for the duration of the show for extra comfort. A truly unique experience at the FMG!


Laurence Jalbert

Saturday, September 3rd | 6:45 am

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Matt Holubowski

Sunday, September 4th | 6:45 am

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