Bantü Salsa

37th edition

From August 29th to September 2nd 2024

Bantü Salsa

The Bantü Salsa show is a happy blend of African salsa with a groove and jazz feel. Latin rhythms on the piano blend with the poetry of the kora, a thousand-year-old instrument from West Africa. All this is supported by three delicately orchestrated brass instruments and two sets of percussion, beyond which emerges Just Wôan’s voice, with its incredible ability to go high as well as low, and endowed with an incredible vocal ease of which he alone holds the secret. Their debut album, Kessaï, released in 2020, “is a project that celebrates the human, against the backdrop of the importance of moving forward together, despite differences” (RCI, 2019).

From Bantu rhythms to salsa, an effervescent theme runs through the music of this collective of diverse origins: the shared, centuries-old history of its members, from Africa to Latin America. Here, kora, percussion, brass and piano converse harmoniously and dynamically, linked by Just Wôan’s multi-octave voice. African salsa that grooves!

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