Comedy Gala

37th edition

From August 29th to September 2nd 2024

Comedy gala hosted by Josiane Aubuchon, with Martin Petit, Virginie Fortin and P-O Forget.

NEW! The Gala is moving to the Hydro-Québec stage in the early evening.

Josiane Aubuchon

Stand-up comedian, columnist, host and unrivaled improviser, this multi-talented artist knows how to throw in a gag like no other. Josiane Aubuchon tells and is told with joy, agility and know-how.

Gossip, current issues or her eternal celibacy, nothing is taboo with her. Josiane offers herself to the audience like a festive buffet.

Martin Petit

Martin Petit impresses with the scope and diversity of his talent. Whether on TV, radio, stage or as a newspaper columnist, Martin Petit does nothing like the others, and the pleasure he takes in each project is contagious. 

A regular at the Just for Laughs Galas for over 15 years as host or guest, Martin’s performances are among the highlights every time. He has received an impressive 8 Olivier awards for his three One Man Shows. His many awards include “Show of the Year” (2000, 2005 and 2011), “Author of the Year” (2000, 2005, 2011), and “Number of the Year” (2000, 2005). He also won the Félix award for Best Show (2005), the Prix des jeunes at the Morges Festival in Switzerland (2005), and the Grands prix du jury and de la presse at the Festival international de l’humour de Rochefort in Belgium (2006).

With all his projects, it’s with great humility that Martin recently confessed he was forced to hire professionals to maintain his lawn.

Virginie Fortin

Stand-up comedian and host with over a dozen nominations to her name, Virginie Fortin first made her mark on Quebec’s cultural scene through improvisation. In May 2013, her career as a comedian took off: she won the grand finale of the show En route vers mon premier gala, then was invited to take part in Emmanuel Bilodeau’s gala at Place des Arts. She then launched a duo show with Mariana Mazza, whose tour was enthusiastically received throughout Quebec. In 2015, she was nominated for Discovery of the Year at the Gala des Olivier.

Virginie quickly became part of the Quebec television scene. Over the years, she has appeared on SNL Québec, in all three seasons of the series Trop, at Juste pour rire en direct, as well as in Club Soly, Les 5 prochains and Inspirez, expirez.

On stage, Virginie performs numerous times at the Gala Juste pour rire and at Zoofest, where she presents Virginie (se) tâte le terrain in 2016-a show she will reprise in English at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Between 2018 and 2019, Virginie presents her first onewoman- show, Du bruit dans le cosmos. The show, which combines philosophical and unabashed humor, was a stellar success. In the last year, she tours the four corners of the province and Europe with her second one-woman show, Mes sentiments.

P-O Forget

A 2019 graduate of the École nationale de l’humour, where he won a scholarship for excellence, P-O Forget has a real passion for the stage and seizes every opportunity to create and make people laugh. As soon as he graduated, he quickly managed to get invited to comedy nights and comedy clubs, where he performed almost every night of the week. It was then that he was discovered by comedian Yannick De Martino, who invited him to open for him on his “Les dalmatiens sont énormes en campagne” tour.

Since then, P.O. has made a name for himself on Noovo’s Le prochain Stand up; on Z’s Roastbattle; by performing his solo show in various Quebec venues; and by appearing at all the major comedy festivals, including his first Just for Laughs Gala in 2022. He is currently opening for comedian Matthieu Pepper across Quebec.

Both on stage and in front of the camera, he takes advantage of his totally natural presence to surprise with gags that are sometimes scathing and dark, sometimes more absurd, or observational. The young comedian will appeal to everyone, except those who don’t like supreme-quality humor.

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