Jeannot Bournival

37th edition

From August 29th to September 2nd 2024

Jeannot Bournival

Musician, composer, photographer, audiovisual designer, and poet, Jeannot Bournival is a multidisciplinary artist rewarded with dozens of Félix awards and mentions throughout his flourishing career. With over two decades of experience revolving around renowned stages and studios as a sound architect alongside eminent artists such as Fred Pellerin, Tire le Coyote, Isabelle Boulay, Bryan Perro, and many others, Jeannot, who humbly undertook a multitude of roles within the vast production chain, witnesses the birth of his own solo performance.

Drawing from these immersions, Jeannot has honed his understanding of artistic dichotomous codes and mechanics, refining his arts over time to present increasingly comprehensive creations that harmoniously intertwine the different facets of his artistic life.His transition towards an individual and assertive artistic expression reflects his exceptional journey, where each path contributes to shaping his artist identity as strong as it is unique.

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