Recreational vehicles

37th edition

From August 29th to September 2nd 2024

Stay in the center of the Festival!

A dedicated and passionate team of volunteers will welcome you to the RV Park of the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival. Staying at the RV Park will allow you to discover or rediscover our magnificent Outaouais region and its many cultural and outdoor activities. The National Capital Region offers many facets for both city and nature lovers.

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Adress : 1089, Jacques-Cartier street

Visit iconic sites!

  • The highest concentration of national museums in the country
  • The largest spa in North America
  • Gatineau Park’s 361 km2 of green space
  • The only interprovincial zip line in the world

Ride your bike!

  • More than 600 km of bicycle paths, including a trail that runs along the Ottawa River right outside the RV park.

To learn more about activities in the Outaouais, you can visit the Outaouais Tourism website.


1089, rue Jacques Cartier, Gatineau, Québec, J8T 2W3

GPS Coordinates : N and - W


819 243-2330


Recreational Vehicle Campground Rules

To ensure a pleasant stay at the RV Park, we ask you to respect the following rules.

The purchase of at least one 5-day pass is required to reserve a lot at the RV Park.  Access to the RV Park does not include paid access to the Festival.  Campers must purchase necessary passes.

1. Campers must register at the RV Park’s welcome tent during the RV Park’s operating hours.  Campers who arrive after operating hours can stay in the parking lot for the night until the arrival of an RV Park representative the next morning.

2. The parking sticker received at the welcome tent upon arrival must be visibly affixed to the windshield of the vehicle by a designated volunteer.

3. The occupancy permit received at the welcome tent upon arrival must be visibly displayed in a window of the RV at all times.

4. Only those who have a parking sticker for their vehicle can access to the RV Park. Visitors must leave their cars outside the Park, unless they purchase a 2nd parking sticker to access your camping lot. A maximum of 2 stickers per camping lot are allowed.

5. Campers who have reserved their stay until Monday and decide to leave on Tuesday must obtain the necessary occupancy permit from the welcome tent.

1. Camping lots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Each camper must follow instructions given by ushers and accept the assigned lot.

2. Campers must respect the size of the lot (25 ft x 50 ft) assigned to them and not obstruct paths and driveways.

3. RVs, cars (maximum of 2 per lot) and all equipment must be kept within the established boundaries.

4. The vehicle must be detached from the RV if the total length exceeds the size of the assigned lot.

5. Groups of campers are asked to arrive together to ensure they are placed within close proximity of one another.

6. Any change of location must be approved by an usher of the RV Park.


  • It is forbidden to reserve a lot for another camper with a car or any other equipment.
  • It is forbidden to reserve a lot for another camper car at the RV Park.
  • The use of an all-terrain vehicle is prohibited on the Festival sit, but permitted at the RV Park.  Three- and four-wheeled vehicles are, however, permitted on the grounds of the RV Park.
  • Parking of RVs in a “U” shape is not permitted.

1. Each recreational vehicle, trailer and tent trailer where people sleep must have:

  • A battery operated smoke alarm
  • A battery operated propane gas detector
  • A battery operated carbon monoxide detector meeting the ULC/CSA standards
  • A portable ABC fire extinguisher with a minimum weight of 5 pounds.

2. The speed limit in the RV Park is 10 km/h for all vehicles.

3. Only propane BBQ’s are permitted on the RV Park site.


  • Open air fires are prohibited regardless of the type of fireplace or fire pit used.
  • Weapons, pellet guns, arrows, firecrackers and fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • The use of drones is prohibited in the RV Park.

1. A water station is available for filling up RV tanks for domestic use.

2. The use of the generator is permitted according to the following schedule:

  • 8 am to 9 am
  • 12 pm to 1 pm
  • 5 pm to 8 pm

3. Waste must be placed in a plastic bag and deposited in the containers provided for this purpose. Containers are clearly identified on site.

4. Ten (10) dump stations are available on site, free of charge.

5. A shower service is offered at the Sports Centre (Centre sportif de Gatineau) at the affordable price of $2 per person when you present a coupon which you can pick up at the RV Park welcome tent. Family washrooms and shower spaces are available.


  • Temporary or permanent connection to any source of water at the RV Park is prohibited.
  • Connection to any source of electricity located at the RV Park is prohibited.

1. Absolute quiet hours are from 11 pm to 7 am daily.

2. Excessive noise that may inconvenience or annoy other campers in any way is prohibited at all times (ex: loud music, karaoke, etc.).

3. Damage to trees, shrubs, plants, etc. is prohibited.

4. It is forbidden to dump on the ground any liquid or solid waste from the RV.

5. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the RV Park site. However, it is strictly forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages onto the Festival site.

6. Only unbreakable containers are allowed when driving on the RV Park.

7. Nudist practices and indecency are prohibited.

8. Profanity, abusive language and any immoral or violent behavior will not be tolerated.

9. We ask that you leave your property clean when you leave.

Animals are not allowed on the Festival site, however, pets are accepted at the RV Park as long as the following conditions are respected:

  • They must be on a leash at all times.
  • They must not disturb campers, the neighborhood or cause trouble.
  • You must pick up their excrement.

The FMG – Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival is not be responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur on the grounds of the RV Park.

Neither the Festival Corporation nor the City of Gatineau are responsible for any loss, theft of objects or damage (fire, theft, vandalism or damage from natural causes) to vehicles or property. Do not leave any items (cooler, bicycle, chair, barbecue, etc.) unattended outside your RV.

FMG management reserves the right to remove any individual who violates any of these rules or who is deemed undesirable, without refund or compensation.

In accordance with the purchasing policy, no refunds, exchanges or returns will be accepted, as the product is sold as is.

Management may add to or modify these rules without advance notice.

In case of emergency

911 (police, fire, ambulance)  


(819) 243-2331 ext. 1-8-1